A2D has extensive experience in new construction, renovation, and conversion of existing buildings within a wide range of typologies. Each project is framed within a broader urban and social context. Sustainability, respect, care, ethics, ... are essential values.

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This vision translates into exceptional architectural concepts and innovations, into integrated projects with special environmental qualities.

We rely on our experience in creating and re-energizing high-quality living environments, without falling back into habits, and we see it as a challenge to keep looking for sustainable and innovative design solutions. Our experience and flexible, curious approach combined with a structured planning process where simultaneous work on theme, programme, typology, and context ensures that our projects achieve a high technical quality with particular attention to concept, internal organization, sustainability, detail, and material. The series of winning competition projects, publications and nominations for projects in the public sector testify to this.

A2D is an architectural office run by five partners – Bruno Delva, Karel De Mulder, Stefan De Lausnay, Matthias Brusselmans and Philippe Brysse – and has grown into a multidisciplinary team of (engineering) architects, urban designers, interior architects and interior designers. Today, the office counts about 30 employees.

Our ambition

Our architecture strives to be a platform for human interaction from the wholly private to the very public. From xs to xl. From INTERIOR DESIGN to ARCHITECTURE to URBAN DESIGN.

Our values

Respect – We strive to meet the needs of every individual, with great respect, but also with care for the larger social context. We consider the individual’s cultural as well as natural surroundings. Our design is born where people, nature, and culture meet.

Sustainability – Sustainability is a constant and evolving presence in our work. It’s the foundation of our architecture. That’s why each of our projects is tailored to a set of individual requirements, making each project a new challenge. The result? Sustainability through design and design through sustainability.

Beauty – Beauty emerges from a subtle dialogue between people, nature, and culture. By using a pared-down visual language, we expose the essence of architecture. We strives for our work to embrace people and reflect their inner world.

“Hygge” – Human experiences are at the center of our projects. Our architecture serves as a framework for human interaction. That’s why we strive to create spaces that are harmonious and warm. Spaces that are magnificent because of their simplicity. Spaces that encourage people to connect and interact with each other.

What we do for you

Architecture – The creation of new buildings of the reconversion of existing ones. We design a wide range of projects from XS to XXL (individual housing, collective housing, offices, public buildings, school & eduction, culture, sport & retail).

Interior design – Interior and architecture go hand in hand. That’s why in our designs, inside and outside are equally important. With a special focus on interior design, we aspire to bring each project to the next level.

Urban design – allocation design, structural sketching, micro-urbanism and masterplans.

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